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Anointing Oil No. 3 - 10 ML

Anointing Oil No. 3 - 10 ML


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ANOINTING OIL No. 3: 10 ML Vetiver, Turmeric, Cypress

The ritual act of anointing helps one solidify an intention. Tenth muse anointing oils are made with three specifically chosen oils that work in unison to help you set an intention, imagine goals, focus on dreams or desires, or help to create a sacred space during your meditation. Choose from one of the three Tenth Muse house blends, or choose to have one specially crafted to your specific needs.

This anointing oil is used to help ground, center, and clear the way for new beginnings to manifest. Vetiver: grounding, centering, and reconnecting one to their essential self. Helps to restore confidence in oneself. Turmeric: Transcends the physical, helps to heal the root of what ails us. Spiritual purification. Clearing the way for new beginnings to manifest. Cypress: to aid psychological transformation. Inner renewal, unearthing the fears that block change.

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