Frequently Asked Questions

What is Natural Perfume or Botanical Fragrance?

Natural botanical fragrances are exactly that. We use scented plant material to make our fragrances; Essential oils, absolutes,  and handcrafted tinctures. Never anything synthetic or even aroma chemicals. 


Why is natural perfume more expensive than synthetic?

As an example, it takes 10,000 roses just to get 5ml of rose essential oil! That's a lot of plants! We are committed to using only the finest, natural, and sustainable ingredients available. These ingredients are more expensive than synthetic ones created in a lab. We spend the majority of our money on obtaining these precious ingredients so we can pass along their amazing benefits to you. Our mantra is anima plantae, anima hominis. The soul of the plant in communion with the soul of man. As this informs every decision we make regarding a fragrance, there is no room for synthetics in our lab.


How long does natural perfume last on the skin?

This depends on the ingredients used. Citrus for example is extremely volatile, meaning it evaporates quickly. Resins and roots such as myrrh and vetiver contain heavier molecules so they evaporate at a slower rate.  Natural perfumes should last approximately 2-3 hours on the skin.


Do you offer samples?

We would be happy to sell you a sample of any of our private collections or attars. 


Are your perfumes organic?

While we are not certified organic by any organizing body, we use 95% organic material, including our alcohol.


Do you use any animal products?

We lovingly and compassionately do use some animal products. It will always be discussed with you before we choose to use one. As I believe that animals are a significant spiritual part of our journey here, the spiritual medicine they offer can not be compared to plants. When appropriate we use Ambergris (whale vomit that washes up on shore/ wild harvested) Hyraceum (tinctured hyrax urine and feces/wild harvested) Castoreum (tinctured beaver castor sacs/ ethically harvested) Muskrat (tincture of muskrat glands/ethically harvested).


How long will it take to get my custom perfume?

We work together on your custom fragrance. It usually takes 2 weeks to a month to finalize. We start by going through a questionnaire designed to get at the root of what you are looking for. Then I send out 3-4 samples for you try. Depending on preference we adjust as needed, and I will send a final sample. Once approved by you I will make 1 ounce of your custom fragrance. 


What if I don’t like my custom fragrance?

We work together to formulate your custom fragrance and you are offered a variety of samples and directions to choose from. If for some reason we are having a difficult time connecting or understanding each other, I will happily refund your purchase.

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