Personal botanical fragrances formulated with you, for you.

Tenth Muse custom blended fragrances are intended to be your muse; your inspiration,

a personal artistic expression of your journey.

"For by my side you put on many wreaths of roses and garlands of flowers around your soft neck. And with precious and royal perfume you anointed yourself."

— Sapho


Make your special event unique.

Scientific studies show that olfactory is one of our greatest assets to recalling memories and creating a state of mind. Tenth Muse fragrances help solidify a memory through the creation of a scent that represents a specific moment in time.


Perfume is an art.

Tenth muse custom perfumes are intended to be your muse; your olfactory inspiration, and artistic expression of you.

Make memories that last a lifetime.

In mythology, there are nine muses that provide inspiration to the arts and sciences. Tenth Muse exists to use the olfactory to describe the journey that you’re on.


Weddings, Christenings, Bat Mitzvah, Birthdays, Funerals, Memorials – all of these events are worthy of enhancing a memory supported by scent.

Tenth Muse Fragrances create custom anointing oils,  perfumes, or incense to enshrine a memory indelibly through the olfactory.

Art and Performance

The purest artistic expressions and strongest athletic performances are generated when people are able to place themselves into a specific mental space.  Often known as Flow or The Zone, this mental state can be efficiently accessed via the olfactory. 

Our custom fragrances are created with and used by actors, writers, athletes, and business leaders as a vehicle for vision and focus. 

Environmental Fragrance Design

Physical surroundings are a combination of visual, auditory, and olfactory. Just as you carefully choose your furniture and design elements, a curated scent enhances the experience for everyone in your space.

Utilizing custom blended incense, candles, room spray, or a diffuser, Tenth Muse will guide you through implementing a scent that enhances an environmental experience.

Brand Fragrance Design

Enhance your brand experience by curating a scent that connects with customers in a unique way. Scent solidifies the memory of a customer’s experience, and encourages them to return, or take the experience with them.

Through a branded custom fragrance your business expression carries into different aspects of your customer's life. Your fragrance can take the form of incense, candles, room spray, diffuser, solid application, roll-on, or a perfume bottle. 

"As a film writer and director, one of my most effective tools is to put my actors through the fragrance-blending process from the perspective of their character.

It creates connection points between the actor’s personal memories and the character they are portraying. During difficult moments of production, the fragrance becomes an anchor point for returning to the appropriate mental space.

Interestingly, the surrounding cast begins to respond to the character’s fragrance as well – triggering their own memories created during rehearsals. Simply an amazing and underused instrument for eliciting a performance."

— EH

Find your muse.

Let's go on a journey together. 

Tenth Muse Process


We begin with a questionnaire specifically designed to get to the root of what can best assist you on your journey. Once you have filled it out, we will have a conversation that usually lasts around 60-90 Min. We will discuss the questionnaire and any questions you may have regarding your fragrance.


After our conversation, you will receive 3-4 samples for you to test. They are all different so we can gauge what direction to go in. Once you have had a moment to see how they each feel, we will have another conversation to see what direction to go in if there are any changes or additions. Then I will create the final formulation and send off a sample.


Upon final approval from you, you will receive 1fl oz. of your custom formulation. Included will be a fragrant story of your journey using our scent cards. This will offer an understanding of why we used the plants we chose, and a reminder of our journey together.

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