Our Process

Our fragrances are conceived using the finest ingredients available sourced from around the globe. We are committed to the sustainability of all the ingredients and never use synthetics or aroma chemicals.

Synergy is the key to our formulations, or, in the words of Aristotle, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Our creative process begins with a questionnaire developed by fragrance designer Mary Jo Howell as a catalyst to create the palette from which your perfume will be blended.

Together you will explore the design of your personal fragrance. The initial phone or Skype consultation takes around 60-90 minutes, after which, Mary Jo will begin blending. You will receive a sample and work together towards the final formulation and a 1 oz (30 ml) bottle of your personal botanical fragrance.

Your fragrance will be yours alone and can be refilled as desired. No two blends are the same. Many clients find that as life changes with moods, seasons, and experiences, their perfume needs to evolve with it. A reformulation with Mary Jo becomes part of an olfactory journey that can support growth and transformation as your story unfolds.

Natural vs Synthetic

Synthetic scents do not contain the complexities of the growing region, the season in which the plant grew, the soil, sun, water, the neighboring plants, and the human touch that cultivated and harvested at a particular moment in time. Like a robot, synthetics have their purpose, but they lack soul.

We are passionate about listening to the essence of plants and celebrating our unique connectedness to all living things.