In mythology there are nine muses that provide inspiration to the arts and sciences. Tenth Muse exists to use the olfactory to describe the journey that you’re on. Our custom blended fragrances are intended to be your muse; your olfactory inspiration, and a personal artistic expression.

Scent has a curious ability to bring us back to a distinct place and time, to inspire, to explore hidden desires, to elicit feelings, and to remind us of our connectedness. We custom blend perfume for individuals through a process of looking into memories, associations, feelings, and aspirations.

Each plant has unique therapeutic and distinct metaphysical qualities that we have come to understand through myriad of curative and spiritual practices around the globe. Your fragrance will be designed using these insights in tandem with your own personal tastes.

Blending Inpiration

Mary Jo Howell’s excitement for telling your story through custom fragrance design is contagious and it is her greatest desire to share this excitement with you.

Her olfactory story began as a little girl on the family farm in Northern Minnesota. She walked trails exploring wildflowers, fragrant pine trees, wild rose bushes, collecting wild raspberries, and reveling in the ever-clear stream where deer bowed for drinks. This place invigorated her curiosity about why plants have an odor, why they attract certain animals and insects, and why humans are drawn to their essence.

As a licensed Esthetician and a make-up artist for feature films and print advertising, her passion for all things olfactory was always lurking in the background. After years of tinkering she decided to shift her focus to become one of the first one-hundred registered Aromatherapists with the Aromatherapy Registration Council. Through years of trial and error she began to realize her artistic potential as a natural perfumer.